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Turning Knowledge into Value Tags: Translations Localization Subtitling Technical Writing

Turning Knowledge into Value

Itís common knowledge that in order to survive and progress in an increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative to differentiate yourself from the competition. The Translation Industry is no exception to this golden rule.

But how to achieve this goal is where many Translation Companies and freelancers get lost Ö

Improving service value and quality is an absolute must in this industry. This can be achieved through constant education and training, by examining what the competition is doing, and of course, by being receptive and spotting what our clients need.

In this sense, it is important to understand that the demand for translations is always evolving and changing, along with the technology, market trends, etc. and we need to be able to adjust our services to this changing trend.

One example of this is the growth observed in the technology sector, specially with regards to the mobile apps boom. There is a whole universe for translators in that sector that needs to be addressed in a conscious and professional manner.

Translation companies and freelancers that donít want to understand the changing nature of the business are to be lagged behind Ö and in an industry as competitive as this one that means death.

There are concepts that need to be permanently in every translator mind: better service, quicker response, Ö. This is how our collective expertise can improve business and will make our clients come back to us.

There are industries with very specific needs. We need to be able to spot them and offer a good and quality response. This will make our work more efficient and will allow us to stand alone in this increasingly competitive industry.

The Words Suitcase

Translations ∑ Localization ∑ Technical Writing


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